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Our Services

What We Do

Emergency Power Solutions

The supply, installation and maintenance of standby UPS and Diesel Generating sets.

Battery Supply and Installations

Supply and installation of Fiamm batteries across a wide range of industries.

Electrical Reticulation and Maintenance

Electrical installations, maintenance and repair for home and commercial applications.

Solar Installation, Maintenance and Support

The off-grid solution is no longer confined to corporate and / or residential individuals with extensive budgets.

Gas Supply, Installation and COC

Installation, gas bottle exchange, maintenance and Certificate of Compliance for residential and industrial requirements.

About Us

Who We Are

We Embrace a Systematic, Integrated Approach to the Dynamic Success of your Business.

We are a female owned small enterprise breaking fresh ground with a service orientated approach to assisting our clients. We offer solutions to optimise their emergency power requirements for the African environment. With a combined 40 years of facilities and service excellence, our aim is to assist our clients to elevate their business to the highest level.

Our Philosophy

  • Listening to our client first in order to best assist with a holistic approach.
  • As a small enterprise it is in the best interest of both ourselves and our clients that commitments made are follow through to the very end.
  • Our primary approach is to listen, look and action sustainable solutions in each environment we encounter.
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Taking Care of Everything

We will tailor a comprehensive plan based on your business’s needs.

By adopting a receptive approach to client’s needs, our aim is to be the company that best understands and satisfies the product, service and self-fulfilment needs of our clients.

Mission Statement

As a small enterprise, our mission is to assist businesses to make sure that they are always given the correct service and advice through communication. We strive to ensure that our clients operate at optimal capacity 24/7. We have a team of experienced technicians that can address a variety of challenges to ensure that your backup systems work as efficiently as possible.

We Facilitate

Taking into account the ever-changing technological environment, we strive to offer a cohesive, systematic and sustainable approach to assist in all industries to elevate their core functions.

We Repair

Our approach is to first actively fault find and address economical solutions before making unnecessary recommendations for replacement of equipment.

We Supply

With careful consideration to client needs, we endeavour to supply cost effective remedies to enhance productivity and minimise overheads.

Choose A Plan

Once off site assessments
Ad hoc servicing
Quarterly maintenance
Bi-annual maintenance
Service and maintenance Support for contracted clients

24 Hour Technical Support

Emergency Solutions

Electrical Certification

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Randpark Ridge, Randburg


Mon – Fri
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